Monday, May 30, 2011

Comenius Week

„TeSzedd” – Volunteers for clear Hungary

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Rural Development in cooperation with the Volunteer Center Foundation have organized dust-recycling campaign on a large scale. We have joined to Hungary’s largest collection action on 21th May 2011.
(It is no coincidence that the action was taking place this year: 2011 is the the European Year of Volunteering.J Many events, exhibitions, live demonstrations and other activities will be taking place throughout Europe during the year.)
The organizers would like to draw our attention to the social values of volunteer activities.



Comenius Weeks

Day of Birds and Trees (10 May 2011)
Quiz-competition about "The Bird of Year 2011" (Great Tit) and "The Tree of Year 2011" in Hungary (Yew-tree).

Comenius Weeks

"Sing, blackbirds!" - Environmental team-competition
The competition was announced by "While you grow up" Public Benefit FoundationThe point of competition: to promote that people and all living creatures are parts of the biosphere. - Our 2 children-teams, coordinated by teacher Sándorné Mézes Viktória, qualified for the all-Hungarian finals at Nyíregyháza ((10-11 May 2011) and finished on the 6th place.

Little gardeners...

A little gardening


On the 20th May came out a newspaper called "7 days in Myszkow" and there was an article about our project ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Comenius Week

Betwen 2 to 9 May in the Comenius Week the little students ( 2 class and 3 class ) coordinated by teachers Gabriela Ferlovici and Monica Raducanu, organized a thematic exhibition of drawings and butterflies origami. The teachers Mariana Munteanu and Andrei Pascu participated at International Symposium "Modern si eficient- imperative ale invatarii europene " where they promoted the project " SAVE THE BUTTERFLIES, SAVE THE PLANET " . Thank our partners from Bulgaria and Turkey who participated at symposium with the presentations "Educational Sistem in Bulgaria" (realized by teacher Vasil Angelov ) and " Educational Sistem in Turkey " ( realized by teacher Tahir Ensar Tasci )

Friday, May 6, 2011

Memories... movie made by Asia and Patrycja

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is a presentation made by our students, Mateusz and Szymon, from visit in Bulgaria.