Friday, February 25, 2011

In Sicily

The day of travel at 1 o'clock we woke up early in the morning. We went at 2 o'clock and we arrived at 5 o'clock at the airport.
In Rome we had a lot to wait for the next aircraft.
We went to Termini Imerese by bus. In Termini we were waiting for dinner where we met the host families. At the end of of the dinner we went with our host families home. We went to school the next day after our breakfast.
We were having dinner to the school. In next day we visited to the castle and several churches of Caccamo. We went to the pizzeria in the end of day where there were folk dancers. Next day, we looked at specific plants in Palermo.
In this evening we were playing football with host families. In the next day we spent the host families all day. In the last say we visited the sea. We made a lot of friends who will never forget!

Szabolcs Zöldi
8 Class

Monday, February 21, 2011

Contaminated Stream

here are the pictures taken over the stream which as you see has been contaminated with the dangreous chemical wastes from the Electricity-Power Factory


The Thermal Power Plant which has been in effect for about 25 years despite the lack of flu gas purification system causes massive environmental disaster. The ash-keeper filters have been out of order for about 15 years and this factory continues to discharge 15 millions tons of solid,liquid,gas and poisonous radioactive wastes over the people living in the region.

Most Turkish scientists and doctors state that this factory gives twice as much radiactive gas as the one emitted in well-known chernobyl disaster every year.Statistics are horribly striking in that 4632 people are reported to have died of a variety of diseases,mainly cancer and lung as a result of being exposed to gas from this factory.One of the mayor of the village says that the rate of the air pollution reaches up to 10 times as high as Standardized air pollution rate and adds that this environmental disaster which even changes the color of snow from white to gray leads to frightening number of cancer incidents.One of the workers who has already developed cancer states bitterly that he must continue to work there to support his family.Another worker who also lost his father due to cancer event shares the same idea.The scientists emphasise that as a result of coal-burning, the gas and powders are released and these gases lead to chronical lung complications and asthma.They have observed within the workers such illnesses as urinary incontinence,hearing loss,stress,ulcer and some metabolic problems.Prof.Doctor.Mr. Tuncer utters that the concrete results of this factory will be observed in 10 years’ time.He also clarifies the fact that people frequently tend to develop lung cancer which has little chance of survival and adds,the Unit A in the factory emits 15 millions of tons of solid,liquid and gas disposals every year.The Prof.Doctor.Mr. Sahin, the instructor of Mechanical Engineering Department at Gazi Univesity also says that provided that the obligatory measurements are not carried out and precautions not taken, the results will be much more worse.He implies that he disagrees on shutting down the factory but expects the authorities to install filter and follow the necessary steps to do the radioactive measurements.

A representative of non-governmental environmental organisation called “ Warriors of Nature”says, the Standard global air pollution values must be 150 micrograms,however, this value is 1500 micrograms in this factory.Doctor Mr. Agat, the official representative of TEMA( National Environment Association) declares that sulfur value in one cubic meter in air must be 1000 nenogram;however, this rate has increased up to higher values and thus harms to plants considerably.He also stresses out that gases emitted from factory have caused the herbaceous plants,trees and lands to be infertile.The mayor of a local province claims that while the number of the patients is expected to be 48200 on average ,this number reaches up to 300000 per year.Most of the people interviewed in Afsin-Elbistan have contracted Cancer.To illustrate this, a three-year-old boy named Sedat and 6 year-old boy ,Osman have developed skin cancer following being exposed to smoke and gas from the factory.The oncology doctors who treated them have declared to them “if you want your children to live,you must move to another city,otherwise, they will lose their lives in 5 years’ time.”


11 members of an environmental organisation “Warriors of the world”(WOFTHEW) ,protested the activities of the campaign led by governor “enlightened human,clean environment and livable village project”

The leader of the group,Mr. Igci,bitterly utters that although there exists devastating environmental disaster with tons of ashes in Afsin-Elbistan Thermal Power Plant,it seems very absurd and ununderstandable to collect waste papers in the city centre of Kahramanmaras.

The group which gathered in front of the Private Management Building demonstrated and showed banners” Environmentally-friendly governor is closing down the factory” “The villages are full of ashes not rubbish” to point out the situation.

The group coordinator Mr. Coskun states that “there is an ongoing environmental catastrophe in the factory in Afsin-Elbistan.” Moreoever, this factory has discharged a great deal of ashes and wastes into nature and though this place has had no flu gas purification system, it maintains to cause environmental disaster.”A great number of villages have been destroyed and many people have suffered from diseases and many others have had to immigrate.”

Thermal Power Plant causes deaths in Elbistan, province of Kahramanmaras

Thermal Power Plant causes deaths in Elbistan, province of Kahramanmaras.

The Thermal Power Plant was founded about 25 years ago in the region covering Afsin-Elbistan, towns of Kahramanmaras. No filter has ever been installed in Unit A, the factory which was founded to harness coal basin. Since then, this factory has continued to spread poison around.

A Thermal Power Plant which has been authorized to function without flue gas purification filter has spread poisonous chemical and radioactive gases which have caused agricultural and livestock activities to come to an end in the neighboorhood. Since the Unit B was activated, the disaster has doubled up ,which the authorities claimed as “Environmentally friendly ”realized to be totally wrong. Because, the people and other life forms are being exposed to tons of ashes emitted from the unit B.

The reason for Cancer

Although the Unit B was legally authorized to function only if the filter must be located in Unit A, the Unit A maintains its activities without filter. The striking proof is the explosion of numerous cancer incidents observed in the region ,which the government ignores unbelievably. Within the last 25 years, the number of cancer-oriented and respiratory diseases has considerably increased.Ankara Oncology Hospital declares bitterly that %60 of the patients come from Afsin-Elbistan.

You will watch the videos in which my colleague Mr.Tasci, the science and technology teacher made interviews with the local authorities, residents in the area and also see the pictures of how their life was negatively affected by this thermal power plant.

Interview on little pond

Now this is the short video of interview on the little pond into which the hazardous wastes from the coal Thermal Power Plant are discharged and which flows into bigger stream where people use for irrigation

Second interview

here is the secod interview we made with local people

İnterview with local authority

now it is time to watch the interviews we made with both local poeople and authorities who expressed their concern and problems about this coal factory where the energy is produced

Small ecologist magazine - polish version

Hi!! To Caccamo I gave you our first number of "Small ecologist magazine" but I've heard that you wanted to see Polish version, so here it is. ;)

Pollution sources in local area

Hello my colleagues, here are three consecutive videos in which I first tried to give preliminary and introductory data about the pollution sources in my local area,Kahramanmaras and in second and 3rd video you will watch the interviews we made with local people about the problems they suffered from the Thermal Power Factory which generates electricity out of coals.Watch and see how this factory harms the life forms human,plants and animals) I will send the pictures taken in the area later.

Model of a pupil

Here is a video of a pupil who has presented us the model of 2 types of energy sources she has proposed .I hope you will like listening and watching her....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

about Hungary - in short

Area:                                      93 030 km2

Neighbouring countries:         Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia

Time zone:                             Central European Time  (UTC+1)

Government:                          Parlamentary republic

Currency:                               forint (HUF)

Official language:                  Hungarian

Population:                             10,005,000 (2010)

Administrative division:        19 counties and the capital

Capital:                                  Budapest

Largest cities and their population (2010):
1. Budapest (1 721 556) (Будапеща, Budapeštas, Budapeşte, Budapeszt, Peshta
2. Debrecen (207 270) (Debreţin, Debreczin, Debreczyn, Debrecenas, Дебрецен)
3. Miskolc (169 226) (Miszkolc, Mişcolţ, Мишколц, Miškolcas, )
4. Szeged (169 731) (Szegedyn, Seghedin, Segedin, Seghedino, Segedas, Сегед)
5. Pécs (157 680) (Fünfkirchen, Peç, Pecz, Печ, Pečas)
6. Győr (130 478) (Raab, Dėras, Jawaryn, Дьор, Yanık)

Ethnic groups:                         Hungarian, Croat, Roman, German, Roma, Serbian, Slovak, Sloven

Main religions:                       Roman Catholics, Protestant, Greek Catholics, Orthodox Christianity, Judaism

Climate:                                  continental climate
                                      average annual temperature: 9.7 °C
                                      average high temperature in the summer: 23 - 28 °C
                                      average low temperature in the winter: −3 - −7 °C

Main rivers:                           Duna (Danube, Donau, Dunărea, Дунав)
Tisza (Cisa, Tisa)
Rába (Raab)
Dráva (Drava, Drau)

Main lakes:                           Balaton (Lake Balaton)
                                               Velencei-tó (Lake Velence)
                                               Fertő-tó (Lake Neusiedl, Neusiedler See)

- - - EST - - -

  • Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe (surface area is 592 km²)
  • Lake Neusiedl is the second largest steppe lake in Central Europe. Surface area is 315 km², but of which is just 75 km² on the Hungarian side.
  • Lake Hévíz is the largest thermal lake in Europe (surface area is 47,500 m²)
  • Hortobágy is the largest natural grassland in Europe.
  • The only cave-bath of Europe is located in Hungary, in Miskolctapolca
  • Elisabeth Bridge (spanning only 290 m) was the largest chain bridge in Europe to 1926. The original Erzsébet Bridge was blown up at the end of World War II by retreating Wehrmacht sappers. This is the only bridge in Budapest which could not be rebuilt in its original form. The currently standing slender cable bridge was built between 1961–1964.
  • The Metro 1 - known in Hungary simply as "a kisföldalatti" -, it is the second oldest underground railways in the world, and the first on the European continent.  It was built from 1894 to 1896. (It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002)
  • Hungary's highest mountain, at 1015 metres above sea level, is Kékes.
  • The deepest point of Hungary is located south of Szeged (at 75,8 metres above sea level)

Hungarian pupils

Our board bulletin ;)

Hi. I finally know how to post something ;) I will post more things next week. Hope you are all well!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


here is the dissemination work made by students

Global Warming

The replication of the sun's rays consist of global warming.This creates on intense heat.Poles ice caps melt.Thus begins drought.Pierces the layer of suspicion of harmful rays.
Global warming is one of the biggests problem we hear nowadays.The stems from the fact that from us.Bad layer provides drilling harmful rays.
Some toxics hazardous wastes has led to the spread of global warming .The fumes from the factory plays on important role in the growth of global warming.
The whole world must be sensitive to this issue.Some scientists has written many books on this subject.People are very sensitive about it so much more if the place of the ozone layer is torn open and allows us to avoid many cancers.The only people guilty of this global warming.Protect our environment and stop global warming.
made by Şeyda IRMAK 7-A

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Broadcasts about our project

Today and every 2. and 4. thursday you can listen something about our project between 4 -6 p.m. on . You can read in the "Sendeplan": Cherry on Tour: Cherry & the butterflies.