Saturday, September 24, 2011

The National Cleaning Day in Romania ( 24th September 2011 )

A group of 30 student volunteers, coordinated by teacher Mariana Munteanu, was involved, today, in the biggest social involvement project from the country LET'S DO IT, ROMANIA! . They was supported by the Mayor of village who provided the necessary equipment ( bags, gloves ) for their activity. The hard workers gathered over 50 bags of refuse.
The children are proud that they could do it for their village, but unfortunately, they know that after some days another rubbish will cover the clean places. There was not so hard thing to clean up, it was even funny, but they would like to convince the people not to relapse. This is really the hardest thing !!!
They hoppe that, one day, the people will realize that slowly, slowly they destroy everything is beautiful around them:NATURE