Wednesday, January 26, 2011



How to start? That’s really hard. Well, as you know, between 12 and 17 January, it was the second meeting, in Italy.

Italy is a place unglued from a dream which is floating in reality and we, Romanian team, was swimming in it. Our impressions can’t be described in words but we try to make it as good as we can, so let’s start !

Italy, we don’t know if it’s different, but we all feel a sentiment really strange . Our looks were captured by all the new things that we saw . When we all met, our hearts were covered by past memories, from first meeting and we were really amazed of it. The students, of course, were the most amazed by this because for them this is a new experience.

The visiting were more exciting because we were all together, we enjoyed together, we laughed together, we worked together and we smiled together.

The ease with which we shared our feelings could be seen easily. We wish we could be always all together but until the next meeting we will keep that memory on our minds.

Thank you Maria!

By Visan Anca

8 class

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  1. Thanks, we were having a great time, too. It's been a lovely week. :)