Monday, February 21, 2011

Thermal Power Plant causes deaths in Elbistan, province of Kahramanmaras

Thermal Power Plant causes deaths in Elbistan, province of Kahramanmaras.

The Thermal Power Plant was founded about 25 years ago in the region covering Afsin-Elbistan, towns of Kahramanmaras. No filter has ever been installed in Unit A, the factory which was founded to harness coal basin. Since then, this factory has continued to spread poison around.

A Thermal Power Plant which has been authorized to function without flue gas purification filter has spread poisonous chemical and radioactive gases which have caused agricultural and livestock activities to come to an end in the neighboorhood. Since the Unit B was activated, the disaster has doubled up ,which the authorities claimed as “Environmentally friendly ”realized to be totally wrong. Because, the people and other life forms are being exposed to tons of ashes emitted from the unit B.

The reason for Cancer

Although the Unit B was legally authorized to function only if the filter must be located in Unit A, the Unit A maintains its activities without filter. The striking proof is the explosion of numerous cancer incidents observed in the region ,which the government ignores unbelievably. Within the last 25 years, the number of cancer-oriented and respiratory diseases has considerably increased.Ankara Oncology Hospital declares bitterly that %60 of the patients come from Afsin-Elbistan.

You will watch the videos in which my colleague Mr.Tasci, the science and technology teacher made interviews with the local authorities, residents in the area and also see the pictures of how their life was negatively affected by this thermal power plant.

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